Philips is a brand name that has been ruling the technological industry for the last fifty possibly even years, and when the concept of air flow fryers first came into existence, Philips is one brand that built things BIG!

They are the company who decided to produce good quality air fryers from the start, and now they have a wide business line under their belt.

Philips HD9230/56 is definitely another example of their ingenuity. Philips HD9230/56 is just yet another example of their creativity. Philips HD9230/56 Digital Air Fryer Review Why should you go for the Philips HD9230/56 model? We will explore that in this detailed assessment. but in case you are irritated, we can give you a spoiler that you’re going to have an awesome expertise with this air fryer.

A lot of people go for an air fryer to lose weight and to stay healthy. For anyone who is one of them then this will last up to the fullest of the possibilities.

Lets look at the different features.

Distinct Color Options

This Philips model offers two designs (black and white) very well price which is impressive as well as exciting. Therefore, if you are some of those types who always seek out that exact color of a specific thing for his or her kitchen, you will this way brand.

Rapid Air Circulation

Speedy air circulation feature of the merchandise make sure that the air fryer is not really getting hot, and the food that you are receiving are fresh new and healthy at the same time. This kind of technology helps cooking sensible food not only delicious but rapid. It makes the meal tasty, crunchy and mouthwatering.

Digital Cp

The concept of having a digital cp in an air fryer is just not new anymore. In fact, Philips is the brand who originally brought this idea of obtaining an impressive digital control panel in the air fryer.

The company likewise brought another advanced purpose which is adding a touch monitor to some air fryers. This method does not have the touch characteristics, but the digital control panel will certainly satisfy you.

Operating this kind of air fryer is pretty straightforward. Everyone can use the air fryer right out of the box. Via simple tasks such as preparing the cooking time, delay approximately complex functions such as preserving the heat for hours; everything can be done with the help of this digital user interface.

Very Big

If you are a one person with only one jaw to have delicious and delicious foods, then this is not the ideal air fryer for your needs. Air fryer is big, therefore it may take support many people. The normal bowl that it has is approximately 2 lb which is one of several largest around.

This jar will allow you to cook a lot of foodstuff at one go and the most importantly, you can cook a lot of varieties in the same atmosphere fryer using the layer possibilities.

Philips HD9230/56 Digital Air Fryer Review

Less Extra fat

Almost 90% of the surroundings fryer buyers think about health concerns or losing weight while picking out an air fryer, and this also is where it will give you plenty of benefits.

Philips HD9230/56 assures that the air fryer may produce foods with a lesser amount of fat which is a great section of having this model. Do not forget that goal of losing weight? You may pursue that using this weather fryer model.

Negative Isn’t stable

Though there are a lot of positives with regards to having this air fryer in your kitchen, there are some problems too that we would like to suggest. Let’s have a look at some of the damaging aspects.

Not an ideal remedy for micro families or maybe solo usage


Overall, this is a great option for families with a wide range of people in (at very least 4). The product is great, plus the food quality generated in the air fryer is appetizing and healthy at the same time. You undoubtedly cannot expect much from your air fryer.